Traditional methods of instruction used an abundance of text to deliver content to learners. However, we know that not everyone learns best through reading, and that text-based content simply won’t appeal to your visual learners. That’s why we minimise the use of text in the online learning resources we create. Instead, we harness the power of visual communication and interactivity to convey your key messages and engage your learners.


Whether you’re looking to produce an online quiz, animated presentation, standalone module or accredited course, we can help you achieve your goal.


We’ve developed high quality, interactive learning resources from a range of different starting points. For example, we’ve received content as a series of documents, PowerPoint slideshows and even audio-recorded lectures. So rest assured that we can transform your subject matter into an engaging learning experience, no matter what format your content is currently in.

Features we often embed in our resources:

  • Animations
  • Custom illustrations
  • Screen capture videos
  • Live video footage
  • Audio narration: One narrator or multiple characters
  • On-screen menus and branching
  • Quiz questions
  • Interactive diagrams

Our 5 Step Process...

  • Analysis

    We analyse your objectives, your learners' needs and the content in your current materials. We then use this information to identify the best structure and delivery options for your resource, and adapt your content accordingly.
  • Design

    We design your resource by first creating a storyboard as a 'blueprint'. The storyboard specifies the synchronisation between the various media and outlines how users will interact with the resource.
  • Media production

    We coordinate and produce the required audio and visual media elements for your resource. This could include animations, illustrations, voiceovers, videos and sound effects.
  • Development

    We combine your media as per the storyboard and construct the interactive elements of your resource, such as quizzes, buttons and interactive diagrams. Your resource will be developed, and then published in both Flash and HTML5 (iPad-compatible) format.
  • Review

    We conduct a rigorous quality assurance (QA) review before publishing your resource. Your content is guaranteed to be error-free and compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).