Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) which is completely free! That’s right, Moodle is open-source software which you can use and customise, without any licensing fees to pay – ever! What’s more, Moodle packs in so many features that most commercial systems simply can’t match.

These are just some of the reasons why there are over 60,000 Moodle sites across the world, used by universities, companies and schools to provide ‘anytime, anywhere access’ to their learning programs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get Moodle?

    If you have a dedicated IT Support Team in your organisation, you can simply ask them to download and install Moodle, following the instructions on the website. However, if this isn’t the case, we can help out. We can install and host your Moodle LMS on our secure and reliable servers. Contact us to find out more about our Moodle hosting plans.

  • How long will it take to setup Moodle?

    You could have a basic ‘out-of-the-box’ Moodle site online in less than an hour. However, most organisations choose to customise their Moodle site to suit their requirements.

    Since Moodle is an open source LMS, you are free to customise it any way you like, including its layout and appearance, the functions it provides and the data you can collect and extract from it. We can work with you to clarify your needs and then give your Moodle site a basic or an extreme makeover!

    How long this takes will depend on your requirements. We’re always happy to chat about the possibilities, so feel free to bounce your ideas off us.

  • How much will it cost to get Moodle up and running?

    We offer free Moodle installation when you sign up to one of our hosting plans for 12 months or more. This is a perfect solution if you are after a basic Moodle installation, using your logo on an existing theme, with all of the standard Moodle menus. However, most of our clients choose to customise their Moodle site by:

    • customising a theme to match their organisation's branding
    • hiding any unncessary menus and options to achieve a 'cleaner' user interface (since Moodle is so packed with features and you may not even need some of them!)
    • setting up a method for user registration (whether it be integrated with your existing network user accounts or allowing users to self-register).

    The cost of these customisations will depend on your requirements, so feel free to share your ideas with us and we can give you a personalised quote.

  • Are there any ongoing costs to use Moodle?

    Unlike other learning management systems, you’ll never need to pay annual licensing fees to run your Moodle LMS, regardless of how many learners are accessing your courses.

    However, like with any other LMS, you do need to budget for both the hosting of the site and the cost of the staff member(s) who will be managing the site. If you have a server in your organisation where you can host Moodle and an in-house support team who can manage the site and support your users, then you’re good to go!

    If not, we offer both of these services with different plans to choose from. Contact us for more information on our Moodle hosting and support plans.

  • What's involved in managing a Moodle LMS?

    Site administrators have the maximum level of privileges on a Moodle site. They can do everything from creating course content to extracting detailed reports on user participation. Being a Moodle administrator also involves responding to user queries relating to their login details, the courses they are enrolled in or courses they’d like to join. Site administrators can also delegate most of their privileges to other users, which is handy if you want to have different people managing different courses on your site.

    One important thing to keep in mind is that site administrators have the power to (intentionally or unintentionally) delete content from the site, or make changes which may cause major errors in the database. So it’s essential that anyone given site administrator privileges has a thorough understanding of how Moodle works.

  • What if we don’t have anyone who's very familiar with Moodle?

    When you sign up to one of our hosting plans, we will show you how you can monitor your course participants and extract course data from the site. There are also many tutorials and forums to help you familiarise yourself with Moodle.

    It may take considerable time to become a Moodle expert, which is why most of our clients choose to manage the basic elements of their courses themselves and leave the more technical queries and site Administration tasks to our trusty Tech-Savvy Solutions helpdesk. Contact us to find out more about our Moodle support plans.